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Chemical Peel - Anti-Aging

A dual treatment for advance chemical peel clients

60 minutes.

Each peel is based on your specific skin type and condition. After analyzing your skin and keeping your skin care goals in mind we choose a chemical peel & strength that is best suited for you.

Glycolic acid is currently a popular treatment for winkles and acne. Part of the alpha hydroxyl family of natural ingredients, glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and is a fruit acid. When applied to the skin, it helps to remove the “glue” that holds the older, rougher and dryer skin on the surface. When it removes that top layer of skin, the fresh, new layer is visible. It’s this layer that’s without damage and which looks fresher.

People who have glycolic acid peels are often amazed with the results – they look younger, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles and if they have acne, they often notice their skin is quite a bit less oily and is much clearer.

$80 – $200

A highly effective superficial peeling agent, oil reducer and pore cleanser. Oil-soluble and lipophilic, Salicylic penetrates sebum filled follicles and cleans out clogged pores, resulting in marked improvement in especially acne prone skin.


A combination therapy for individuals plagued with acne, enlarged pores, excessive sebum production and hyperpigmentation.

The Jessner Solution is a peeling agent that consists of 14% resorcinol, 14% lactic and 14% salicylic acid in an alcohol base. It is a highly effective medium to deep strength peel with moderate downtime.

Note: This peel is not recommended for darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick 4-6) due to possible post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from resorcinol exposure.

Generally is the most aggressive type of peel offering deep penetration for more significant skin issues such as deep wrinkles, stubborn hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and acne scarring. Moderate to significant downtime, depending on the strength that is used, followed by dramatic results after each treatment.


This luxurious oxygen skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.


60 minutes.

Clear Skin Acne Facial- From mild, moderate to severe acne or even a few annoying breakouts this deep-pore cleansing facial is just what you’ve been looking for. Everyone wants clear radiant skin and now you can achieve it with a Clear Skin Acne Facial that includes an oil free cleanser that is formulated to thoroughly remove excess oil, surface impurities and make-up. It helps to exfoliate the dead cells thanks to Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, and natural enzymes. A custom exfoliant for your specific skin condition, extractions, scalp massage and masque followed by a serum and moisturizing SPF 30 is also included in this treatment.

Microdermabrasion Included


30 minutes.

For our on-the-go clients who want to be pampered and on their way, customized to your skins every need enjoy our 30 minute mini facial.


60 minutes.
Facials are wonderful but have you ever considered having a facial on your back? Even though you may give your back a good cleanse in the shower everyday with a brush or scrubbing cloth, nothing compares to having a professional treat the most difficult area on the body to reach with a deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions (if you need them), massage, detoxifying masque and hydration.

Back Facials are a great service to have throughout the year. Not only do they help prepare your skin for a summer season full of bikinis, bathing suits and strapless dresses, but this service targets certain conditions that can happen year-round like back acne and dry skin.


60 minutes.

Tailored to your skin type and needs. Includes Double Cleanse, Exfoliant, Extractions, Facial Massage, Masque, Scalp Massage, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer and SPF.


60 minutes.

Regardless of age, if your concern is uneven skin tone, this facial plus take home products (additional cost) will provide the benefits of effective skin lightening without harming or damaging the skin. Using a unique brightening masque and serum this formula uses the superior brightening properties of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Pure Essential oils of Lemon, Orange and Mandarin to help improve pigmentation problems; improves overall skin tone and hydration.


60 minutes.

This luxurious anti-aging facial is designed specifically for our clients who want to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and slackened skin while promoting a more radiant and youthful appearance. Anyone concerned about visible signs of aging or has had extensive sun damage will benefit from this antioxidant facial. Using 24 Karat Nano Gold this hydrating suspension is packed with antioxidants to help brighten skin and fight off free radical damage that speeds up the aging process.


60 minutes.

Dull, tired, dehydrated skin? Designed to quench your skins thirst, this facial includes a custom hydrating Rose stem cell masque; bio-repair helps to repair the signs of aging & combat dehydration, dullness, sagging while fading the appearance of fine lines.


Microcurrant Services

60 minutes.

Microcurrant Technology is termed the Non-surgical face lift, this technology helps to boost collagen cells and gently stimulates the facial muscles by firming and toning. It is also strengthens skin texture and elasticity, reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eye, increases nutrients and oxygen to the skin, raises the eyebrows and strengthens the surface layer of muscles under the skin for a more lifted and youthful appearance.

**Includes a Collagen Masque and Serum that contains a high amount of pure marine collagen, wheat placenta, and multi-peptides. Collagen effectively helps to diminish wrinkles and age lines while providing a skin tightening and plumping effect by helping to tighten the cell connections for improved skin firmness.

$140 per session.

*Purchase a package of 3 for $360, $60 in savings!

Microdermabrasion Services

Our hands are exposed to the heat, sun, cold and dry temperatures. Most often you can tell a persons age by looking at their hands as well as their face. Age spots and hyperpigmentation can be a dead give away that you may be older than you look and feel. Don’t worry, at Elegant Aesthetics, we have you covered.

Our Ageless hand treatment is all about the hands of course and we want to bring their youth back.

We start with a cleanse and warm towels, Microdermabrasion is next as the exfoliation and will help to rejuvenate the new cells to rise to the surface while taking off the dead skin cells on the top layer of the stratum corneum. Next is a hydrating, anti-aging masque, steam, anti-aging serum & a moisturizing hand massage to finish the treatment.


60 minutes.

Microdermabrasion can help improve the skin appearance by reducing fine lines, early sun damage, and mild, shallow acne marks.

Skin may become noticeably smoother even after one treatment and have better product penetration by absorbing serums and moisturizers.

Includes the neck & décolleté. You may wear makeup after as well if needed. No downtime.

$120 per session.

*Purchase a package of 3 for $270, a $90 savings!